Saturday, December 16, 2017

Year End Comment Collage, Part I. Starring YOU!

My Dearest Sillies,
   Thank you for all the laughs this past year. They're the gift that keeps on giving. I suspect that my giggly delirium can be heard from miles away, when I create these collages.

   And now, Life by Chocolate's most weirdly fun comments of the year. Stay tuned for 1-2 more installments.

    Keep on laughing.
Take care. 
   I  love ya.

Pickleope Von Pickleope said You can't seduce people to sell their souls if you look like Steve Bannon.  Geo. said I'm cute as a button.
Pat Hatt said lmao make sure they are ripe bananas though, those old ones may hang rather low.   
Birgit said Reminds me of my high school. My math teacher came on to me and I had to take his arm off me, I got a D in his class. It was a catholic school so priests and nuns ran about. One priest loved it when the girls sat on his lap, another was caught with the mayor of the city tied up naked in Buffalo. They picked up 2 male prostitutes and were taken for a ride..They also scammed the school out of $20,000 from the lottery that was run. The principal, Father Leblanc, was charged with child porn in 2013  Janie Junebug said Damn, that's good! I need a Willy Dunne Wooters' visit now. Love, JanieMitchell is Moving said Wishing you the real thing (not frozen, but just as stiff) really soon.mail4rosey said I'm not sure those underwear would be a good fit for me.
Debra She Who Seeks said Yes, this has wet my whistle for the bar brawl!
Pickleope Von Pickleope said I kept waiting for dongs and sex but you did it, you made it through an entire poem without erotic imagery. Elephant's Child said Small you may be, but none the less potentially very, very dangerous. Anthony J. Langford said It's a freakin' jungle out there! Debra She Who Seeks said Shakespeare is so jealous that HE didn't write "Oh God-iva, my Ding Dong dream!vaiybora said Nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Let's Hear it for the Boy!

Dearest Sillies,
Oy, the holidays are coming! Yikes, right?
I have a few friends who boycott the holidays. To that I say: Congratulations.
To the rest of us, may we enjoy the parts worth enjoying and avoid the stresses of the season.
Now, while I have fun year-end stuff to present, I'm tossing in more Dude Three.

Take gentle care, my friends.
Life is harsh, but you are beautiful. And I love you.

   Alas, after two weeks of missing each other, Dude Three and I reunited. It was a Friday night in early October. Sure, there were signs* that he has some issues - we all do. (His line about baseball-card sales after we first met, his failure to see me immediately upon my arrival from Greece, strained relationships with one of his children...) Besides, I was already attached. His sweet, sensitive side strongly endeared me. Add to this, an electricity between us. He's a good one. No worries.  
   I was extra happy to see Three arrive with a bagful of groceries; he planned to cook dinner.  
   Dude Three was all smiles, hugs, and kisses. I’m not much into voyeurism, so I participated. In the mix, I showed him photos of Greece. He asked appropriate questions (e.g., the octopus I ate – Was it raw? Answer: It was boiled, in a salad. It was yummy too.).
   Dinner - chicken and stir-fry - was delicious. We then reclined on the sofa.
   Things heated up quickly, but we’d planned on going out to hear music. So…we did (We went out to hear music, that is). 
   I danced on a high to groovy seventies tunes -- having just returned from the trip of a lifetime, with my new beau, who was actually dancing with me. I'd never had a man in my life to dance with. Yeah, he's more like Steve Urkel than Fred Astaire, but I'm more Elaine Benes than Ginger Rogers, so it was all good.   
   Back at home, late into the night…touching, kissing, groping, ahh, his warmth felt nice. It'd been a long stint of celibacy, and the couch was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.
   We moved to my bathroom. Just kidding, we moved to my bedroom. 
   Dude Three wouldn't leave until the next morning, not that I wanted him to. Three wouldn't sleep in the living room either, not that I wanted him to. How'd it go?
   Oh, oh oh oh...

Most remakes stink, as we know. I like the Footloose remake, though. Here's a fun scene.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Happiness, Life and Love & Who Invited December?

December, Dears, wasn't welcome. It arrived regardless. It always does, right?
May it bring you warmth and safety, along with moments of:
Taken on the Greek island of Mykonos, this photo summarizes my Fall trip to Greece.

This one of locks with names and loving sentiment is for the beautiful Lux. She writes with deep sincerity about life, love, and all the big issues worth pondering.

Speaking of love, yeah - he was on my mind the whole time. When I had one opportunity to use the Internet, I messaged Dude Three:

"Having a wonderful time. I miss you. Hope all's well."
Three: "I think about you every day. Glad you're having fun, can't wait to see you."

I was going to advertise this FREE SHOP (also in Mykonos) to anyone in the market. Then, I thought of Rosey. She gives free things away all the time. It's only fair that you get this FREE SHOP, Rosey! Enjoy it and all the cute, trendy clothes. Note the nice panties by the sign.
This flag is for good Martha, the best Martha there is. 
I think you have Greek in you, is that right, Martha? May you wave this flag proudly.

When I returned, Dude Three was the first to know.
His response: "I thought you were coming back tomorrow. Can't see you today. Maybe tomorrow. Friday for sure."

Was that it? Is it over already?

Me: "Not sure what to make of this, feeling insecure. Trying not to be too disappointed. Friday's good, was hoping for sooner."
Three: "No reason to be insecure. I missed you girl. Can't wait to see you. We'll have a nice few days together this weekend."

Phew! Phew?? We shall see...

Love you, my Silliest of Sillies.
Take care of yourselves.